White Pearl Villas

The spectacular traditional settlement of Oia

The traditional settlement of Oia Santorini is world-famous for its legendary sunsets and lively cultural scene. It is located on the westernmost point of Santorini, and its charming cube-like houses with colorful façades are perched on the edge of the cliffs, about 150 meters above sea level. Oia is much more quiet than Fira -the island's capital, located 11 kilometers away-, and its pedestrian narrow winding streets are filled with high-end galleries, boutiques, shops, restaurants, cafés and bars. As dusk falls, hundreds of excitable tourists are looking for the best spot near the ruins of the Venetian castle to watch the sun dipping in the Aegean. It's when the sky and the sea look redder and redder as the sun gets closer to the horizon, creating a postcard-worthy scenery.

The charred islets of Palaia and Nea Kameni sizzle in the gleaming sea and the view after sunset is just surreal. Enjoying dinner in one of the numerous Caldera view restaurants is a memorable experience, not only because of the inconceivable natural beauty of the landscape, but also due to the exquisite local gastronomy and wines. Ammoudi is Oia's small port. It shelters a handful of fishing boats that provide the catch of the day to the local taverns, and can be accessed by a set of 300 zigzagging steps. The white-washed blue-domed churches, the traditional cave houses, the mazy narrow passageways, and mind-blowing sunsets make Oia a fairytale place in Santorini, trapped in a space and time out of this world.


Various locations, various moments of magic

The White Pearl Villas are seductively nestled on the cliffs of Oia Santorini, where the awe-inspiring sunset dazzles the eye of the beholder with its unreal fiery mix of red, blue, yellow, and orange hues and the infinity of the azure water stretching to the horizon. The villas promise a once-in-a-lifetime vacation experience, with their breathtaking views of Caldera, the volcano and the Aegean, their stunning architecture, immaculate aesthetics, and unsurpassed comfort, style and amenities. Each villa has a unique layout -being carved in the volcanic rocks-, indoor and outdoor Jacuzzis, heated swimming or plunge pools, magically hidden fiber optic lighting, ultra-romantic ambiance, a wealth of amenities, and sensational vistas.

The villas are scattered in three complexes. The first complex features nine villas - Full Moon, Secret Escape, Mystic Luxury, Hidden Gem, Cozy Nest, Aurora Grace, and Ocean Breeze Villas-, a swimming pool area with sunbeds and umbrellas as well as the reception desk area. The second complex, approximately 5 minutes' walk from the first complex, includes Aqua Dream, Aegean Magic, Pure Bliss, and Infinity Blue Villas. The third complex consists of our unique Blue Horizon Villa located at the main pathway of Oia's center, ideal for those seeking to stay in the fuzz and buzz of the vibrant city center. If you are seeking for villa accommodation in Oia Santorini, look no further than the stunning White Pearl Villas; where ultimate hospitality, luxury and style redefine island chic.



  • Oia's city center - 14 minute walk
  • Elysian Retreat - 8 minutes walk
  • Lefkes restaurant - 1 minute walk
  • Convenience store - 1 minute walk
  • Sigalas Winery - 1.4km
  • Baxedes beach - 2.9 km
  • Fira town - 10 km
  • Thira airport - 15 km
  • Port of Athinios - 18 km

Footsteps to Santorini

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