Santorini Extreme Sports & more

July 8, 2016
White Pearl Villas Santorini photo

Santorini is undoubtedly a fascinating island. Some people might think it’s a couple’s only paradise. Truth is that there is so much more than scintillating sunsets, romantic sea view dinners, and stargazing. What most don’t know is that excitement sees no limits in this volcanic jewel. From freerunning, to cliff jumping and rock climbing, and from scuba diving to volcano and hot springs touring, adrenaline junkies will find their own sanctuary here, in the heart of the Aegean.


The steep volcanic cliffs that submerge in the deep blue waters surely create a stunning landscape, not to mention a rock climber’s heaven. The peculiar geomorphology, however, in conjunction with the mazy town planning also create the ideal conditions for a plethora of extreme sports. Cliff jumping can take various forms, including tombstoning, coasteering and base jumping. Best places to do all that in Santorini? Ammoudi Bay, Perissa and Kamari. The Red Bull Art of Motion, which is the ultimate freerunning competition, shall take place for the 6th consecutive year in Santorini in October 2016. If you happen to be there, it will be your chance to watch some of the best athletes in the world do their tricks, with the stunning Caldera in the background. The mystery of the lost Atlantis still fascinates not only archaeologists, but also divers from all over the world. You will never know what you might stumble upon when scuba diving in Santorini! It could be an ancient shipwreck, a two thousand year old amphora or the extremely interesting volcanic seabed.


If you are more into touring, then you will surely enjoy a boat trip and tour of the volcano and the hot springs, a tour of the island’s famous and forgotten castles, such as those in Emporeio, Pyrgos and Agios Nikolaos, the notable wineries, and the archaeological attractions and monuments, such as the prehistoric settlement discovered in Akrotiri. Just make sure you wear comfortable shoes and clothes, and have water with you, especially when you visit the islet of Nea Kammeni, where the volcano is located. When the boat reaches the island of Palaia Kammeni, make sure you make your way to the hot sulfur springs. You have to swim for about 100 meters, to reach them, but it’s so worth it. You can stay and relax for about 10-15 minutes. The water is medicinal, warm, reddish, and with a peculiar smell.


Nature has been so vindictive, and yet so generous with this Aegean island. Who would have thought that an eruption so catastrophic, dated back to the mid-second millennium BC, so as to affect the global climate and destroy coastal areas in Crete, and quite possibly Egypt, would have left behind such a breathtaking scenery that inspires so many myths, legends and mysteries, but also extreme sports aficionados?