Experience the sea


Caldera speedboat tour

Luxury stay combined with an adventurous sea ride

Combine a 3-nights stay at White Pearl Villa with a tailor-made speedboat ride at the majestic caldera and gain 10% discount in all our services. Our proposal is not a cookie-cutter approach to cruise sailing! Make your own schedule and choose the places you wish to see! Feel free to advise our captain and reveal the hidden spots of Santorini! Visit Saint Nicolas and try cliff jumping at the blue waters of the Aegean, explore Armeni and Eftapedes, sail across the caldera, swim at the volcano and feel the hot springs water rejuvenate your senses, gaze the Indian Rock & Venetian Lighthouse, relax or snorkel at the White Beach, the Red Beach and Mesa Pigadia, explore the well-hidden caves of the caldera, discover Thirasia and unravel the treasures of Santorini. See more details about Magna Santorini Speedboat tours here. To use this promo kindly contact us for availability.

Excited to feel the speed